Ted Goodwin

The beauty

of the everyday

In primary school, I once won a prize for my herbarium. I had compiled that book with great care. For hours, I had cycled through our village looking for leaves of different trees and shrubs. At home, I put them like treasures in my little press to dry, after which I carefully pasted them and neatly wrote all the names. How proud I was when I received a beautiful bird book as a prize at the town hall!

natuur paardebloem veld

When I walk the dog through my town now, I sometimes think back to my passion for collecting herbariums back then and the pleasure I got out of it. This attentiveness to my surroundings was there from an early age, and I still have an eye for detail. I often see the beauty in small everyday things. A beautiful field with poppies, the blossom of a Japanese cherry on the corner of the street, the morning light falling so beautifully on the leaves of a tree, a vista in a landscape. I often then take a photograph to capture this. In my studio, I work out these natural treasures on canvas. This is how I try to pass on the beauty I find in nature to others.

nature around you


Dolomites, oil on paper, 30x40cm, 2023

Op de vreemdste plekken

In the oddest places,

oil on mdf, 18x24cm, 2023

Mossy forest

Mossy forest, oil op papier, 30x40cm, 2023

spring schilderij

Spring, oil on board, 30x40cm, 2021

W.Merxtuin schilderij

W. Merx garden, oil on board 24x30cm, 2021

Back to nature schilderij

Back to nature, oil on canvas, 70x100cm, 2019 (sold)

autumn colors painting

Autumn colors, oil on paper, 30x40cm, 2022

St Pieter Maastricht schilderij

Sint Pieter, oil on paper, 30x40cm, 2021

Lente-1 schilderij

Spring-1, oil on board, 20x16cm, 2021

Lente-2 schilderij

Spring-2, oil on board, 20x16cm, 2021

Laantje markdal schilderij

Little lane, oil on canvas, 70x100cm, 2020

hockeyveld schilderij

Human and nature, oil on canvas, 50x120cm, 2020


Schilderij Vinkeveen weerspiegeling

Vinkeveen, oil on paper, 38x46cm, 2020

De Mark schilderij

The Mark, oil on paper, 38x46cm, 2020

Winteravond op het water schilderij

Winter night on the water, oil on paper, 30x40cm, 2020

reflectie mastbos

Mastbos reflection, oil on canvas, 60x120cm, 2020

spelen bij het water

Playing near the water, oil on canvas, 50x60cm, 2019

Markdal schilderij

The valley Mark, oil on board, 40x50cm, 2020

Singel Breda schilderij

Girth, oil on paper, 32x40cm, 2020


de garnalenvissers

The shrimp fishers, oil on board, 25x25cm, 2023 (sold)


Windmill, oil on paper, 25x38 cm, 2023


Sandcastles, oil on paper, 24x33 cm, 2023


Scheppen, olieverf op papier, 25x19cm, 2023

sunset painting

Sunset, oil on canvas, 100x120cm, 2022 (sold)

luchten aan zee

Seaside skies, oil on paper, 24x30cm, 2021

beach girls

Beachgirls, oil on canvas 24x30cm, 2020 (sold)

meisje met de laarsjes

Girl with the booties,

oil on paper, 19x25cm, 2022


oil on paper and wood, 20x16 cm, 2020

During the lockdown period of 2020, I participated in an online challenge to paint a flower from your own environment every day for 20 days. I went through my garden with my easel and enjoyed painting flowers en plein air. The works below are a selection of them.


Viburnum (sold)

lockdownflower 8

American lilac

lockdownflower paardebloem


paardebloem zaadjes

Dandelion 2



rozen schilderij


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